Gem Bracelets and Necklaces – Jewelry Nomenclature

Even though necklaces and bracelets are worn on different parts of the body, they have some things in common. Some of the principal parts of both are the chains, cords, clasps/fasteners and the ornaments used for decoration.  There are two main styles used to make the necklaces and bracelets. These include the strings of gemstones/beads or metal chains.  The metal chains are typically made of gold and silver. However, you could find them in titanium, stainless steel and other metals if you would like.  The ones made of beads and gemstones as set on strong or prongs running down the centre of each jewel.

The main jewellery styles

Chains and cords

Jewelry in chain styles is very popular. They come in multiple styles.  The dainty style s includes the rope and box chains. The rugged chain styles are mainly the cur chains and double rope.  The three main factors that describes the metal chains fro bracelets are the type of metal, style of chain and width of the chain.  The metal is interlinked in a series to form the actual chain.

Some popular chain examples include

Cords- They are used to string pearls, beads and other stones meant for bracelets and necklaces. Silk was the traditional thread but now people are using polyester because it lasts longer.

Beads – they are very common necklace types in different colors shapes and sizes all around the world.  Single bead types were popular for necklaces and bracelets in the past.  Common bead materials are wood, metal, and plastic.


These are not so common on basic everyday necklaces and bracelets. People use lockets to store pictures of their loved ones or something they treasure very much.


Some necklaces and bracelets are tied together with this type of fasteners. They make it easy for you to wear the jewelry pieces.  Without the clasps, it is close to impossible to put on the necklace or bracelets especially if are they are small.  There are many types of clasps, each used to show different presentation type jewelry.  The common types of clasps used to make jewelry include the hook and eye, spring ring clasp and the lobster clasp.


These are the artistic and decorative items that hand from the cord, chain and the beaded necklaces. Some pendent hold gems while others act as a decorative object in themselves to make the necklace more appealing.  The can enhance the plain chained necklaces or added to the beads to give it a very unique and beautiful look. Pendants are cool and make your outfit more fashionable. Slide pendants can slide along the chain and in and out of both openings on a necklace. 

Charms and bails

Charms are smaller than pendants but they work the same. The difference is that they are commonly worn on bracelets and some people prefer them on necklaces rather than the pendants.  The bail is the part of the pendant that goes over the chain.  you can get glue on or peg bails depending on the design of the chain.