How to Pick an Emerald Engagement Ring Stone

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a very difficult task, more difficult than you can imagine. Some people think that once you decide the type of stone or gem you want on the ring, you are good to go but that is not the case. You have to pick the right emerald for your engagement ring among other things.

Check the color

One of the most important parts of the emerald is the color. If you are getting it for the engagement ring, you want it in a fantastic or intense green color. They come in many shades of green, which make it difficult for you to choose.

The color of the emerald is graded by gemmologists based on the saturation, tone and hue. For most gemstones, a high saturation with a pure hue will be the most expensive. Basically, if the color is an off green shade like a bright grass green then you might be able to save some cash on the ring. More expensive emeralds are blue green while a yellowish green is quiet cheap.  Emeralds overall come in different colors and hues, some have an intense color in the center while others are just uniform.

Other color aspects you need t check when you are purchasing the emerald include the

The color zoning – search for darker and lighter zones on your engagement stone. Some crystals have alternating deep and cool colors which makes them much more interesting.

Windowing – during mining, emeralds receive low quality cuts which show a lighter color at the centre of the gem.  In most cases, this is only visible through the microscope.

Extinction – this is another method of making a cut on the gem and it impacts the color on a minimal scale. Extinction allows the light on the gem to reflect on your eye and this makes it look good as new.

Check for the clarity

With most emeralds, you will have to compromise on the clarity of the gem. Only few natural emeralds have some clarity.  If the natural ones have a clarity issues you will have to search for an alternative.   Nearly all the natural emeralds go through an oil and resin enhancement.  They are soaked in resin fill and emeralds oil which reaches to the surface and gives the gem a clean look.

Transparency is also an important part of clarity when it comes to the emeralds. They are a cheaper alternative to the opaque emeralds.

The cut is important

The quality of the cut on the stone will determine several things on the stone. A good quality stone should be cut with good proportions and also retain some weight. The cut gives the stone its look and determines the type if style you are looking for in an engagement ring. 

You need to ensure that the emerald stone is symmetrical in shape, the shape type should appeal to anyone, and you should expect perfect proportions and look up the standard measurements chart to ensure you are getting something legitimate.

 Finally the carat

The weight may not affect the quality of your emerald but it counts for something when it comes to the price.  Large emeralds are very expensive while fine emeralds are very rare.